A major part of our philosophy is to solve legal problems as a team. Working as a small law office, it is necessary to depend on other correspondent offices with which we work constantly on an international, national and local level. In this regard,

we have been collaborating with other European lawyers under the name EuroCollectNet since the summer of 2008. This network enables us to recover debts and enforce titled claims of our clients in each European jurisdiction. The members of this group do offer their services in other legal areas as well or can identify a competent colleague in their country for a particular legal problem. Since autumn 2013 the network has been expanded worldwide with the ?Friends of EuroCollectNet?.
For many years we are also members of FCIB, The Finance, Credit and International Business Association, This international organisation deals with export finance, credit management and with continuing education in these areas since more than 90 years. FCIB is a subsidiary of the American NACM,, with whom we work together as well.

We are member of LIC-International for Creditors. This is a worldwide organization of creditor representatives that exists for over 60 years and is represented in more than 70 countries. The members have extensive experience in debt collection B2B and B2C.
Our office is member of the Commercial Law League of America. This is an American lawyers association that we have as German office with European connections. CLLA was founded in 1895 and is the leading association of professionals in debt recovery, creditor rights and bankruptcy in the United States.

These co-operations allow us to act as a direct contact person for our clients for whom we remain directly responsible for our performance. Outside support from other colleagues is always subject to our clients' approval. Due to these existing well-established connections, we can, as a small office, provide a service to small and medium-sized companies which is usually offered by larger law firms.